Can Gutter Guards Cause Ice Dams?

Can Gutter Guards Cause Ice Dams?

When it comes to protecting your roof and gutters, gutter guards are an excellent investment. However, homeowners often wonder if gutter guards cause ice dams during winter. The answer is no, but certain types of gutter guards can worsen the ice dam problem. In this blog, we’ll explore the relationship between gutter guards and ice dams, understand the causes of ice dams, and highlight the best gutter protection system to prevent ice dam-related issues.

Understanding Ice Dams

Ice dams form on roofs when indoor heat rises to the attic and warms the exposed roof surface. This heat melts the snow, which then descends to the roof’s edges, where the indoor heat may not reach. The water refreezes at the roof’s colder edges, creating ice dams. If left unaddressed, ice dams can cause damage to the gutters and other parts of the roof.

Potential Gutter Problems Caused by Ice Dams

Ice dams can lead to several gutter-related issues if not managed properly, including:

  1. Extra Weight on Gutters: If the ice dam spreads to the gutters, they will have to bear the additional weight, potentially causing them to buckle, bend, or break under the strain.
  2. Gutter Damage: Chunks of ice dams breaking off may tear the gutters away from the roof.

Choosing the Right Gutter Protection System

Micro-mesh screen gutter guards have proven to be effective in preventing ice dam-related gutter problems. These guards keep out debris while allowing water to pass through, minimizing the chances of clogged gutters and melted snow staying on the roof. With less melted snow to refreeze, the ice dam won’t grow any larger, and the gutters won’t have to carry extra weight.

Advantages of Micro-Mesh Screen Gutter Guards:

  1. Prevent Ice Dam Growth: With minimal ice buildup, these guards help keep gutters free from extra weight caused by ice dams.
  2. Easy Snow Removal: Micro-mesh gutter guards make it easier to scrape snow and debris off the roof without worrying about them getting inside the gutter.

Choose Surrey Eavestrough

At Surrey Eavestrough, we offer top-notch micro-mesh, patterned screen gutter guards designed to prevent clogs and stagnant water in your gutters. Our gutter protection system ensures that you won’t have to worry about ice dams affecting your gutters and roof. We provide professional installation at reasonable costs.

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